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Made in Germany

We guarantee precision parts of the absolute best quality, finest surface roughness and smoothness as well as a maximum of dimensional accuracy. We process nitrided steel, precious metals and a large variety of special materials. Our products are used in industrial production as well as electronic microscopy.

Die Plates

For decades, the Frey Company has been supplying die plates manufactured from various special steals and materials, for example PM steel, Hastelloy, titanium etc.: Pelletizing die plates with/without carbide, nozzle bars for strand pelletizing, screen plates, screen baskets etc.

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Spinning Nozzles | Nozzle Blocks

Since 1927, the production of spinning nozzles is part of Frey's core business. We design nozzles in every desired and required shape and dimension, for the production of synthetic silk and staple fibers, as well as for all types of synthetic fibers.

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Decades of research and know-how in the area of electromicroscopy make Frey one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of apertures and pinholes in the world. Prestigious manufacturers of electronic microscopes, institutions, universities and private research facilities are among our customers, even a Nobel Laureate relies on Frey products.

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Mechanical Processing

With extensive know-how and the highest level of customer satisfaction, Frey has been mechanically processing a broad range of high-alloy steels and special materials. State-of-the-art production technology is characterized by maximum quality and the capability to perform the most complex tasks.

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