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Frey Precision
Apertures & Pinholes

Decades of research and know-how in the area of electromicroscopy make Frey one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of apertures and pinholes in the world. Prestigious manufacturers of electronic microscopes, institutions, universities and private research facilities are among our customers, even a Nobel Laureate relies on Frey products.

We can comply with the individual needs of our customers in reference to dimensions, hole diameter and quality of materials at any time, we also design and provide customized solutions.

Our apertures feature:

  • excellent sharp-edged hole edges
  • exactly centric holes
  • highly accurate measuring tolerance
  • precise circular holes
  • cleanability to maintain sharp-edged hole edges
  • highest thermal resilience

The apertures are manufactured with hole diameters starting up 5 μm. Materials such as platinum/iridium 95/5%, molybdenum, tantalum and other precious metals are processed. Available are one and multiple hole apertures, rectangular and round.

External diameter for apertures and pinholes ranges from 2 mm to 30 mm, thickness of 0.1 mm to 0.6 mm, suitable for all common electronic microscopes and laser instrumentation.