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Frey Precision
Die Plates

For decades, the Frey Company has been supplying die plates manufactured from various special steals and materials, for example PM steel, Hastelloy, titanium etc.: Pelletizing die plates with/without carbide, nozzle bars for strand pelletizing, screen plates, screen baskets etc.
Among our customers you will find companies producing extruders and downstream equipment for polymer processing, as well as companies specializing in polymers as pelletized base material. Thus, we have years of experience in the advancement in these fields of activity and offer unrivalled know-how.

Our production process guarantees smoothest surfaces and highest dimensional accuracy. To our customers, this means maximum quality of their products and cost effective operation. We produce and repair various types of pelletizing die plates and nozzle bars for the equipment utilized. No matter if serial production or single piece, we are able to accomodate your needs.

Sophisticated heat treatments and special surface coatings are carried out by our external partners and are seamlessly integrated into our service portfolio. State-of-the-art CAD and CAM systems are available for the realization of customer requirements.